Principles and goals

The Demixium body of knowledge is built on the following key principles and goals

Demixium principles

  1. The quality (including cost and speed) of a product (or service) is a function of the process that delivers it
  2. Performance improvement = function(current best practices adoption)
  3. Growth = function(Rapid | Iterative| Improvement & Learning)
  4. Dynamic = function(Create | Evolve | Perfect) © Demix (Pty) Ltd

Demixium goals

  1. Processes must be developed with a purpose (what the process must achieve) and value (achieve its purpose most effectively in terms of current know-how possible).
  2. Provide a common framework to support organisations adopting quality standards such as ISO 9001, COBIT, BPCMM and CMMI v2.
  3. Protect investments made in previous quality models (for example CMMI v1.3) and the migration to new releases (for example CMMI v2).
  4. Provide a library of “what”, “how” and “how to measure”.

Demixium corollary

  1. If a process is done for the sake of having a process, it may cause bureaucracy and may impact cost, quality and speed. This should be avoided. (See Demixium principle 1 and goal 1).


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