Demixium Metamodel (DMm)

The Demixium Metamodel is focused on the evolution of process performance level (PL) measurement capability from level 1 (ad-hoc) to level 5 (optimised). Processes must be defined and followed based on purpose and value. The Demixium levels are specified in the table below. For a definition of terms, refer to the glossary.

Performance LevelProcess focusElaboration
1Ad-hocThe process activities are ad-hoc or undefined. It is characterised by fire-fighting.
2SingularThe process is planned and executed as a singular or unique process. Each work unit or project develop their own process to follow.
3SharedUsing learnings from singular processes, shared processes are developed. Measurements and learnings are also shared. Each work unit or project develop their unique/applied processes by tailoring the shared processes for their purpose.
4PredictiveShared processes are quantitatively analyzed to understand performance in terms of central tendency and dispersion. This process performance data is used by work units and projects to plan and manage towards statistically predictable objectives and results.
5OptimisedPredictive processes are optimized based on the quantitative understanding of their performance.
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